mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

mail from "Kite Flying Lovers Association"

my name is khalid malik
im from lahore in pakistan
i came across your list and i must say im impressed
as you know lahore was called the kite flying capital of the world.
we gave the world the basant festival. lahore and basant were synonymous.
but due to some extremist elements the government here has banned our sport and kite
i was so happy to discover that there are so many cultures that enjoy this sport.
and i felt i must applaud u for your effort
please feel free to visit our page
its the kite flying lovers association on facebook.
chekk out the videos and photos.
looking forward to hearing from you.
khalid malik

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Paolo ha detto...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures posted on facebook ..

Sono sempre piu' impressionato dalle dimensioni degli aquiloni che si vedono nelle foto di questo gruppo molto interessante ..!/group.php?gid=265519948010&v=photos