lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Foldable fighter kite

My last project was to build a foldable fighter kite.
The bows can be changed from 0.05 " dimatere carbon fiber for lower winds to 0.06 " carbon fiber for stronger winds.
You can see this video and the links to it on how the kite is assembled and taken apart.
there is a short section where you can see it in flight.


5 commenti:

Roberto ha detto...

Hi, did we met in India 2009? I think you were togheter with Ralph in that occasion. Well the foldable kite is nice, my compliments.

Ephraim ha detto...

Hi Roberto,
Yes, we were together, Ralph and myself and I certainly remember you.
I also remember that your large Rokakku type kite was cut by someone from a rooftop far behind, and how it was eventually found.
I think that the person who cut your kite was also given a few slaps since another group of Indian kids managed to locate the roof he was flying from.

Roby ha detto...

very nice. exceptional! I know you're very good at flying your kites as promised and I hope that you will show me how to fly with my Black Devil. its size is less than your fast but I made a version reduced to 85% but much more difficult to control. wonderful for your flight and also to be sent by mail in a small tube

Roberto ha detto...

Yes, a boy named Tarun recovered the kite, good kid. We met him even in 2010 and passed with his family a very good evening on his house roof-top fliyng white patang and fighting with his nighbors. Exeptional night.

Hope to see you around one of these days. Say hallo to Ralph for me :-)

andrea benini ha detto...

flies really well. fighterskite do some folding, can be very useful for transportation in motion. definitely working in the building is more laborious. but the video seems to fly very well. very good