lunedì 23 marzo 2009


Hi Franco
Thank you for your invitation
to join your fighter kites friends i shall look forward
to joining in your discussions I see you have already met
both my friends Graham and Henry
ciao for know

5 commenti:

franconow ha detto...

Hi Mac, welcome to the FightersBar! And now, tells something to us of you...

andrea benini ha detto...

warm welcome to mac, cultural exchanges with experts from other countries is always an enrichment for all, it is hoped to be able to have more people working on the blog.

R e n z o ha detto...

Ciao Mac! E' importante per noi, che siamo principianti, sentire l'opinione di altri appassionati. Ci stiamo impegnando per imparare a combattere e spero di incrociare presto il mio cavo con il tuo!!

Hello Mac! It 'important, for us beginners, to know what other fans think of us. We're working hard to learn to fight and I hope to soon cross my line with your!!

G65 ha detto...

Hi Mac!
Welcome in "The Bar"

Tommaso ha detto...

Hi Mac, I'm very happy for your first post on this our blog but at the same time I'm angry [:-)]and I definitely think that you are a stingy man cause you've used few we hope to read from you soon great lenght! :-)...obviously about kites!...we are not interested in your sexual abilities! :-) ops...maybe the others are interested in!?!?!
buoni venti