domenica 29 marzo 2009

mac fighter

Hello to you all just a little about myself
i am a retired surveyor with a great passion for fighter kites
it all began for me at the age of seven living in China(Hong Kong) 1947
my first encounter with the kites took place on the apartment roof top
where i lived with the help of the chinese neighbours it wasn't long before
i mastered the technique of flying the kites, i would get involved with as many
kite fights as possible
the feeling of that experience has never left me to this day!

In 1990 my wife encouraged me to build my own fighter kite-it was a failure
at this time Indian kites were almost unattainable but i was not deterred
for me to achieve the preformance and perfection of the kites i flew in HK
i would need to learn a lot
with in the year i had successfully made the kites you see today
Know you no

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andrea benini ha detto...

benvenuto a mac, ciao scrivi da hong kong? sai non capisco molto di inglese e anche con l'aiuto del traduttore di google non sono riuscito a capire proprio bene il significato di tutto il discorso. costruisci aquiloni combattenti?
quando vieni a combattere con noi in italia?

welcome to mac, write hello from hong kong? you do not understand much English and with the help of google translator is not clear to me precisely the meaning of the whole speech. construct kites fighters?
when you come to fight with us in italia?

R e n z o ha detto...

Hello Mac! The passion for fighter kites is something ageless and truly believe that it is a great passion. If I understand, you lived your childhood in the country that seems to be the birthplace of kites.
Building an indian fighter kite is something we attempted to do so too.
We discovered that the Indonesian layang be very good for fighting.
You write: "had successfully made the kites you see today".What are these kites?
I also use google translate.....
and perhaps I did not understand everything you write.
Write when you want it!
We are beginners and we like a lot to learn!

Tommaso ha detto...

hello Mac, I am pleased to have your news, and many words...
I found your site among the first in a search when I started to fly with the fighters... so I'm very happy that you write on our blog now.
I have a few kites Mylar, but does not normally use because I'm a newbie [novice] and Renzo [aka Maestro Yoda] every time he sees a kite in flight attempts to cut [not always do that]... just a joke.
I usually fly with Indonesian layang with nylon and gelasan because we try to do fighting every time we can.
I don't like touch-line but I admit that I do not know well enough.
I hope that if you come to a festival in Italy you want to notify so that we can all come to see your beautiful kites...
I hope to get from you soon, bye bye